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You might have noticed a big cost hike in our online reproduction hooks range. Until recently we offered these carvings, all my exclusive designs, hand carved in China’s most prestigious Jade Factory, but over the years we have had some problems that have made our products less and less profitable.

The decline in the US dollar is one such problem, and many price increases by the China carvers, and most recently the fact that the carvers will no longer carve our pearl shell hooks, and now even our bone hooks. Since they only want to carve in Jade, now we carve all our own pearl shell and bone hooks, and can proudly say these are now “Made in America“!

Our reproduction Jade hooks are without a doubt the finest in the world. Each is beautifully shaped and polished, from Grade A Nephrite Jade. Considering many so-called jade carvings out there are now Jade Composite, a mix of resin and jade dust, the fact that these are hand carved from quality stone makes them superior to any other Hawaiian hook out there, and we’ve have seen them all.

So yes they are more costly, but you are getting a very fine product, with a guarantee offered by no other hook maker on cords and lashing. We hope you will choose wisely, and choose a Louie the Fish original hook pendant.

Cheers, Louie the Fish!